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Into Education

In 1857 disaster struck with the Indian Mutiny and this led to the decline of the East India Company and the profitable Indian market collapsed.

The same year Reeves moved into smaller premises at 113 Cheapside. Fortunately the Managing Director at the time was WJ Reeves third son, Henry,  a man of unusual flair and resourcefulness.

During this time overseas the trade was extended to Peru, Brazil, Russia and the USA while at home, sales were increasing in schools, which led to Henry taking a social interest in education.

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Old Wholesale Catalogue

By 1866 Reeves was being run by Henry’s two nephews, Henry Wild and Charles Kemp Wild, who concentrated on cheaper paints for schools and beginners, even publishing instruction books on art.

Their success was so great that in 1868 they built a three-storey colour works at Dalston, four miles north of London.

As a result of this activity, Reeves were well prepared when the Education Act was passed in 1870.

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