1. Introduction

    Guides & Tips correct

    Guides & Tips

    The Reeves Guides & Tips section in partnership with Walter Foster publishing will provide you with practical suggestions and advice to help you create your art.  

    Are you a beginner? Then find out how to get started and what you will need to begin your artistic journey. Learn how to draw, paint, mix colour and scraperfoil. 

    Established artist? Get hints and tips to help you achieve different techniques and effects across a whole range of media. Plus, view our selection of step-by-step painting guides for inspiration. 

    We endeavour to inspire artists at each stage of their artistic journey. Let us help you explore your creativity. 

  2. Exploring Media

    Exploring Media

    Exploring Media

    Discovering and experimenting with media is part of every artist's journey. The Exploring Media guides offer beginning artists a great source of information for taking their first steps in a given media. 

    Each guide describes the benefits and characteristics of the media, the tools you will need, suggestions for subject matter and most importantly contain all the key techniques for that media. Once you have read them you will be ready to begin your own painting and drawing adventures with confidence.

  3. Step by Step guides

    Step by step - Guide2

    Step by Step guides

    When learning to paint, knowing where to start can be daunting. It often helps to copy images or follow tutorials to get you on the right path. This section contains simple guides which provide step by step instructions on how to create inspiring compositions. You will find something to paint no matter what media you use and the lessons will provide guidance in the form of how to compose your piece, how to blend and layer colours along with palette (colour) suggestions and techniques to try. 

  4. Learn the basics

    PNB pic

    Paint by Numbers Instructions

    Here is the PDF file with instructions for Paint by Numbers 

Acrylics Guide

a new guide

EXPLORING ACRYLICS introduces acrylics, how mediums work and demonstrates effects you can create.

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Soft Pastel Guide

Exploring Media- Soft Pastel

EXPLORING SOFT PASTEL demonstrates techniques to create rich and vibrant paintings.

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Step by step - Sunflowers2

Create this vibrant sunflower using water colour and techniques such as glazing and charging in.

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Step by step - Parrot

Use coloured pencils to create this parrot. Discover how to use a limited palette and blending techniques.

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